Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Carlsbad Flower Fields in San Diego

April - May, the flower fields are blooming with color. I had seen these fields of color for years, driving down Highway 5 on my way in and out of San Diego County. Finally, Mom and I stopped to tour the attraction. The Frazee Family has been farming this beautiful piece of land just above the Pacific Ocean in Carlsbad for generations. They grow the flowers for the seeds, and in the process, have tours of the blooming terraced land for the public to enjoy. In addition, they had several hot house exhibits of Orchids, Pointsettias, as well as live demonstrations involving other plants and flowers. It was only $10 for an adult ticket, and $5 for the tractor narrated tour through the fields. Don't miss it, you still have through this weekend to experience this San Diego treasure.



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